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So, after a year of my sister badgering me to do so, I finally gave in and decided to watch one of the soap opera storylines she loves. After some debating over which to start with, I eventually went with Christian and Syed's story (from EastEnders).

And now I'm obsessed.

Over the course of three days, I watched over a year's worth of clips of this storyline (and am now waiting anxiously for Christian and Syed to appear on screen again- cannot wait for New Year's~ :D). And throughout the entire thing I was flailing around and squealing (this is an approximation of me around Syed's wedding to Amira: AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH OMGGGGGGGGGGG I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST I'D DON'T EVEN KNOW SYEEEEEEED CHRIIIISSTTTTIIIIIAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN... GO DIAF ZAINAB AAAARRRRRGHHH D:< ... |:( ... D':( ). 

So yeah. Now I'm obsessed with a British soap opera. My RL friends are going to HATE ME for at least a week. :D
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*In Awe*

 I need an icon for The Losers. Seriously. I'm pretty sure my life wasn't complete until I finally got to read this comic. I loved the movie, but the comic? SO MUCH MORE UTTERLY AMAZING IN EVERY WAY~. See how I squee and flail around in a daze of ~LOVE~. I love all of the main characters so much, I love to hate all of the villains (and hope they experience horrible fiery deaths by the end of the series), and I love the artwork and the storyline. ♥  I'm about 2/3 of the way through it now, and I'll hopefully finish either tonight or tomorrow. :D

Merry Christmas, btw. ♥
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So, although it's not really a marker of the actually quality of my writing, I'm in something of a state of bliss to have found out I've been nominated at the Crossing Over Awards at Twisting the Hellmouth for four different stories. I've got pretty much no chance of winning a single award, but I don't really care right now. :D
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Huh. This is new.

So, today something a little odd happened.

I drew fanart.

I've had a deviant account thingy for... two years? And I've never posted a thing, or even really used it at all. But today at five in the morning I was struck by the horrible urge to draw a picture of Sakura from Tsubasa, and I did.

...this isn't really sinking in for me. But I'm kind of excited. :) Although I don't have nearly the skills of a lot of the people I've seen posting fanart (considering I have no pretty photoshop in which to color things and not much in the way of tools to work with generally), I'm kind of proud of actually getting up the courage to post something online.

Erm... a link, in case someone is interested:

(Also, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter. :D)
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The things you learn while shopping...

So, my best friend and I decided to go bra shopping today. Neither of us have had anything comfortable to wear in long time and we were both free, so we headed over to a lovely store called Lady Grace. While there, my friend found out what she'd thought were C cups were really DD. So I kind of giggled at her, as she'd been jokingly upset about the switch (and has long teased me for my own chest size). But then it was my turn...

So, yeah, not a 34DD. More of a 34G or a 32H. *facepalm* Dear god, no wonder I can't find clothes that fit.

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Kyo Kara Maoh!, I love you ♥

Although I most certainly have other things I should be doing right now, I've decided to rewatch Kyo Kara Maoh!, and it's just as amazingly ridiculous and awesome as I remember. XD I hope that FUNimation decides to dub the third season eventually...

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It's 4:30 in the morning. I may not be coherent right now.

I would trade just about any other fandom I'm in right now to revive the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom. I've been getting back into this series after spending a long time away from it, and I'd forgotten how brilliant it was. I think I actually like it more the second watch through, because the characters I'd passed over before, like Genkai (as pictured in icon), have grown to be my favorites.

Not to say I don't love my main four boys, of course (I really, really do), but... Well, apparantly I like the seventy-year-old, kickass lady just as much. And I want so badly to find some decent Genkai/Toguro fic, but even at its height, the (now almost entirely inactive) fandom didn't produce almost anything for them.

Guh. ;_;

(On another note, I had a family reunion today. Fun times. -_-)


Thoughts on Glee

I'm not precisely sure why, but I've recently found that I actually adore the show Glee more than pretty much anything else I'm watching right now. Maybe it's just that I've been underwhelmed by Doctor Who this season (though still thoroughly entertained- for the most part) and I'm subconsciously trying to fill the hole this has left in my television-viewer's heart, or maybe Glee's actually just turned into exactly the type of show I love.

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(On a side note: I've almost defeated Pokemon: Soul Silver. I just need to beat Red, and I'll have conquered the Kanto and Johto regions completely. :D ....No, my group of friends isn't playing Pokemon en masse because we're massive dorks who refuse to let go of our childhoods. Why would you ask that? >.>)