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I've missed you, Doctor Who ♥

So last year, towards the end of the fifth season, I stopped watching Doctor Who. It wasn't that I disliked Eleven- I actually really liked him, even if I hadn't been able to totally give him my heart the way I had the Nine or Ten yet- or Amy or Rory, so much as that there were a few aspects of the show's new style I hadn't been able to get behind. (The multi-colored Daleks, for example, which still cause me the most inappropriate of lol's. For another, it took me a while to really be able to like River Song without reserve because I never felt they used her quite right.)

On top of that, even now I see people talking about how they like one era better and go on massive hate-rants against RTD (whose era I loved and still today adore unreservedly) or Moffat (whom I also regard as a solid writer/show-runner). Every time people talk about one era/Doctor like one's innately better than the other, I feel put off the fandom and the show. Because when it was just RTD, I loved Nine and Ten equally-- and people used to talk like you had to choose then, too, but it wasn't as much of a big deal. But now that there's been two show-runners, it sometimes feels like the war between Doctors has been stepped up to the level of almost constant wankiness, like I can't go on a thread talking about Doctor Who without having to read put-downs about characters/writers I like.

But I've decided to stop being a wuss and letting other people rain on my geeky sci-fi parade, because damn it, Doctor Who used to be one of my favorite things and I've missed it a lot. So I finally sat myself down and marathoned all of the episodes I'd missed, and with a fresher perspective I was finally able to give the show the love I'd had for it before. And you know what?

I love all my Doctors equally. Nine, Ten, and Eleven are all my special alien boys. ♥ I like Amy, I like Rory, I like River, I like the convoluted plotlines (more often than not), and I like having DW back in my life. :)

Oh hey, is that you guys again? :D

Wow, is EastEnders actually paying attention to Christian and Syed again? :D Yaaaaaaaay! And that line Yusuf said has me thinking they might go down the path I'm wanting for the show to take... Teehee. Caring about this show may be kinda lame, but I DO NOT CARE! :DDDD
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Anime Boston 2011

Anime Boston happened this past weekend, and I attended for the fifth year in a row. :) That seems special to me, somehow, especially because circumstances dictate that I may not be able to attend next year. I went with my sister (dressed as hippies, because we're so intensely obsessed with Hair right now XD), and-- when we weren't fighting-- it was a really great time. We were only able to go on Friday and Saturday, but those days were so awesome that I don't really mind missing Sunday that much.

Mostly we went to see things involving voice actors. Which was actually a fantastic choice because VOICE ACTORS ARE FREAKING AWESOME. Anime Unscripted (which is basically a group of voice actors playing Whose Line) was incredibly hilarious because the participants were so awesome-- which is to be expected, as it was Chris Ayres, Sean Schemmel, Brina Palencia, and J. Michael Tatum.

And on the subject of J. Michael Tatum, I'd like to say that he is officially one of the most amazing people in the history of ever. My sister and I legit went to three different panels he hosted because he was so entertaining- his regular solo panel, his 18+ WTF panel (aka the panel where you ask all of the awkward personal and sexual questions you can't in a regular panel and he swears a lot), and the Fanboy to Industry Professional panel he took over because the original host couldn't make it. All of which were incredibly entertaining.

There's a few reasons for this: 1) J. Michael Tatum is hilarious. I couldn't breath half of the time during his panels because I was laughing too hard. 2) He's incredibly smart. He actually quoted from memory a Shakespearean sonnet and spoke very eloquently on Shakespeare's works (as he's a huge Shakespeare geek), and what he had to say about his own work was intensely interesting. 3) He's incredibly good at being purposefully and accidentally inspirational. During his WTF panel, he actually spoke very frankly at the end about what it was like for him growing up when and where he did, and essentially made an unscripted, unrecorded It Gets Better video. And he gave the best advice I've ever heard- you don't necessarily need to follow your passion to be happy, but you need to bring your passion with you wherever you go in whatever you do, and that's how you really live a fulfilling life.
I was incredibly lucky to actually be able to talk with him for a little while after the Fanboy panel along with a small group of others. He was so fantastic, and stayed for as long as he could to talk about his work with us, especially as a script writer, and even analyzed Iago's motivations in Othello and talked some more about Shakespeare. And, after he hugged the the others and myself while saying goodbye, I was very, very happy to be able to tell him how grateful I was for his attendance at the convention and to let him know just how much he made my weekend, and how happy I was that he'd made what might very well be my last Anime Boston so great. He actually hugged me again for saying it, which made me feel all special. :) I always feel like I can never tell the people I admire how much I like them, so it was really great to finally be able to convey that.
SO ON THAT OVERLY SAPPY NOTE, Anime Boston was great. I'm really going to miss it if I can't attend next year, but if not, I'll always have memories of this year and previous years to keep me warm. :D And maybe I'll go to new conventions, too! It might not be the same, but who says change is a bad thing?

Grief (1/1)

Title: Grief
Author: Phlogistics
Fandom: Hair
Rating: T
Warnings: major spoilers for the musical
Pairings: Berger/Sheila, Berger/Claude/Sheila
Summary: The Tribe moves through the five stages of grief.
Note: Thanks so much to therisendarking (aka Remo Con) for betaing this fic and motivating me to get through it. Without you, it never would've gotten written.

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 So, through the magic of half-off deals, I was actually able to see Hair again. :D It was just as amazing the second time, if not more so. I simply adore every member of this cast, and I loved being able to watch the show now that I'm more familiar with the story. Paris Remillard and Steel Burkhardt were again standouts for me, along with the absolutely wonderful Josh Lamon, Matt DeAngelis, Phyre Hawkins, Kacie Sheik, Darius Nichols...

Actually, I'm just gonna be honest. I frickin' loved EVERYONE. For me, this is the absolute best tribe there's been. I'm going to miss them so much once the tour's done. I wish they'd make an official video of it, but I know the chances of that rest around -2%, so I'm just going to have to sustain myself off of memories and YouTube clips.

And also my best friend and I are plotting to see it when it's winding down in Philadelphia in 2012. :D (No, we're not sure how we're going to pay for those tickets either, but I figure that somehow luck will be on our side again. I'm already looking forward to it. XD)
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Beantown Be-In ♥

 God, I love the Hair touring cast SO. DAMN. MUCH. They're all such insanely talented and awesome people. ♥ Basically the whole cast was there (except for Paris Remillard and Darius Nichols), and my best friend and I even got pictures with Josh Lamon, Steel Burkhardt, and Matt DeAngelis. :D The performances were all completely wonderful; the instrumentalists and singers apparently had very little preparation, but hell if you could tell it. There was an auction for autographed posters and props going on, but unfortunately we were far too broke to compete for anything. But just being there was enough.

Of course, now I want to see Hair again EVEN MORE. I just need to somehow scrounge up the money I don't really have...
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Hair = The Best Thing Ever

 So. So.


I am very excited. :D

Excited about Hair.

Which is sad, because I saw Hair last week and I'm still as excited as I was right after leaving the theater.

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Happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday to mee~♥

I'm having great day so far today. :D My cold is almost gone, fandom has been extremely kind to me recently, and besides the fact that someone I had trusted not to do so may have screwed up my life in a semi-permanent way (I'm just waiting 'til the end of March to decide how much I should kill them), I'm actually having a good time. I'm in a good place in my personal life and not dying of disease, which is a new high for my birthday (on which I've been sick and/or had my personal life in shambles consistently for the last four years). I sincerely hope this day ends as well as it started.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, btw. :)

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Wild Adapter/Takeout

Fun times~ ♥

Kazuya Minekura, I love you. Even if I occasionally feel like I'm going to develop lung cancer just from reading your manga, I LOVE YOU. ♥ You have made my recent fannish life very happy. I even know what I'm going to ask my friend for for my birthday, now. :D (Though I am still torn between asking for the eighth volume of Saiyuki- which is a pain in the ass to get because its out of print and the only volume of the series I don't own-, and volume three of X in French...)

And also very happy-making for me, I'm going to get to see Hair in late March! :D My biffle (alright, I know it's technically BFFL, but I always actually say "Biffle," so I don't care ^-^) got me the soundtrack for Christmas, so it's great timing, too. :) 

So, despite the fact that I'm actually in something of a crisis-mode regarding RL, fannish things are good enough that I'm still in a really great mood. Though that's probably me just avoiding thinking about my problems while they pile up, oh well! Reading more fanfic can only make things better. :D