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Apparently Marvel now owns my soul. Oops.

While everyone around me is excited for the seventh Harry Potter movie, I'm looking forward to Captain America. That's not to say that I'm not looking forward to Deathly Hallows pt. 2, or that I don't absolutely love Harry Potter-- it's just that I've never had an emotional connection to the movies, and, for me, the seventh book was the real culminating moment of "wow, it's really over" that everybody else is having now. And over the last month or so I apparently sold my soul to Marvel accidentally, so all I can think about is how pathetically excited I am for the Cap movie and how much I want the Avengers movie to be amazing.

Well, not ALL I can think about, because that would imply that I'm not also obsessed with X-Men: First Class, or the Young Avengers, or X-Factor. Which I am. Oh so much. I seriously have read every comic with them I can get my hands on, and my moral code insists that I buy everything I read (unless I literally cannot find it no matter how much I search), so I'm going to be completely broke soon. ;_;

But, to be honest, if what I'm reading continues to be as awesome as it's been, it might just be worth it.
Tags: captain america, comics, x-factor, x-men, young avengers
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