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I've missed you, Doctor Who ♥

So last year, towards the end of the fifth season, I stopped watching Doctor Who. It wasn't that I disliked Eleven- I actually really liked him, even if I hadn't been able to totally give him my heart the way I had the Nine or Ten yet- or Amy or Rory, so much as that there were a few aspects of the show's new style I hadn't been able to get behind. (The multi-colored Daleks, for example, which still cause me the most inappropriate of lol's. For another, it took me a while to really be able to like River Song without reserve because I never felt they used her quite right.)

On top of that, even now I see people talking about how they like one era better and go on massive hate-rants against RTD (whose era I loved and still today adore unreservedly) or Moffat (whom I also regard as a solid writer/show-runner). Every time people talk about one era/Doctor like one's innately better than the other, I feel put off the fandom and the show. Because when it was just RTD, I loved Nine and Ten equally-- and people used to talk like you had to choose then, too, but it wasn't as much of a big deal. But now that there's been two show-runners, it sometimes feels like the war between Doctors has been stepped up to the level of almost constant wankiness, like I can't go on a thread talking about Doctor Who without having to read put-downs about characters/writers I like.

But I've decided to stop being a wuss and letting other people rain on my geeky sci-fi parade, because damn it, Doctor Who used to be one of my favorite things and I've missed it a lot. So I finally sat myself down and marathoned all of the episodes I'd missed, and with a fresher perspective I was finally able to give the show the love I'd had for it before. And you know what?

I love all my Doctors equally. Nine, Ten, and Eleven are all my special alien boys. ♥ I like Amy, I like Rory, I like River, I like the convoluted plotlines (more often than not), and I like having DW back in my life. :)
Tags: doctor who, whining
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