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Hair = The Best Thing Ever

 So. So.


I am very excited. :D

Excited about Hair.

Which is sad, because I saw Hair last week and I'm still as excited as I was right after leaving the theater.

I'm high on Hair.

I can't even think in properly coherent ways, hence the excessively short paragraph/sentence structure thing of fail going on in this post. But this is how I'm thinking right now, and stream of consciousness writing is fun sometimes. :D
But seriously. It was amazing. Like, mind-blowingly amazing. I haven't seen many shows before, but I can say I have seen some excellent ones (notable Rent when Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal were touring).
Hair might just top them all. For serious.
I have to say it's thanks to every single person involved. The costumes, set, music, and direction were all flipping amazing. 
But the best part was definitely the actors. And I don't just mean the principle actors- I mean every single member of the Tribe.
Still, standouts were definitely there. Paris Remillard as Claude and Steel Burkhardt as Berger (pictured in my icon :D) were utterly fantastic, and definitely my favorites. Their chemistry was awe-inspiring, as was the chemistry they BOTH had with the third member of their romantic triad, Sheila (played by the fabulous Caren Lyn Tackett).
Others that I absolutely loved completely were Darius Nichols as Hud and Kacie Sheik as Jeanie (not surprising, as they were both reprising their rolls as part of the fantastic new Broadway cast), Josh Lamon as Margaret Mead and Dad (SO BRILLIANT), Matt DeAngelis as Woof (so freakin' adorable), Phyre Hawkins as Dionne (she was AMAZING in Aquarius), Kaitlyn Kiyan as Crissy (another adorable one ♥), and Allison Guinn as Buddhadalirama and Mother (love her~~). And EVERYBODY ELSE.
God, that whole cast was just amazing. I could go on about them for hours and hours...
Hopefully I'l get to go
to the Be-In that's going on this Monday. :D Then I'll get to see them again~! :D
On a related note, Gavin Creel (who played Claude in the new Broadway Cast) is another new love of mine. From being a co-founder or Broadway Impact (a group that fights for marriage equality) to having one of the most amazing voices in the history of ever and just being plain adorable, I can't help but love him. ♥
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