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Fun times~ ♥

Kazuya Minekura, I love you. Even if I occasionally feel like I'm going to develop lung cancer just from reading your manga, I LOVE YOU. ♥ You have made my recent fannish life very happy. I even know what I'm going to ask my friend for for my birthday, now. :D (Though I am still torn between asking for the eighth volume of Saiyuki- which is a pain in the ass to get because its out of print and the only volume of the series I don't own-, and volume three of X in French...)

And also very happy-making for me, I'm going to get to see Hair in late March! :D My biffle (alright, I know it's technically BFFL, but I always actually say "Biffle," so I don't care ^-^) got me the soundtrack for Christmas, so it's great timing, too. :) 

So, despite the fact that I'm actually in something of a crisis-mode regarding RL, fannish things are good enough that I'm still in a really great mood. Though that's probably me just avoiding thinking about my problems while they pile up, oh well! Reading more fanfic can only make things better. :D
Tags: hair, saiyuki, wild adapter
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