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CLAMP. Again. And other stuff.

Three years ago, I spent the summer consumed by feelings about CLAMP. I have now spent the last two weeks consumed by these same feelings. Unfortunately, in that the time X/Tokyo Babylon and Tsubasa fandoms have not gotten more active. While TRC marches on, sort of, my main loves appear to be as dead as ever.
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That went about as well as expected.

I hate feeling responsible for the pain of others. Part of me hopes that nobody ever shows romantic interest in me again so that I never, ever have to feel like trying to keep myself emotionally healthy is going to be hurting somebody else. Because it is. 

God fucking damn it.
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Just because I sort my feeling out better by writing them down, and I'm not really comfortable posting this on tumblr where people might actually read it, I'm going to take this opportunity to spew my feelings all over lj.

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Hi there, Livejournal. It's been a while.

At least it has been since I posted something. It's kind of sad that I visit my profile and several communities every day, but my own journal seems so empty. So I thought I'd have this here as a kind of place filler for myself as a reminder that I should still, in fact, update every once in a while. I realize that this is mostly a way to keep a record for myself, but I enjoy doing it sometimes, so here we go.

In the interest of getting back in the habit, here's a quick summary of fannish things going on in my life right now: I saw and loved the Hunger Games film; I finally finished Catching Fire; I am ridiculously addicted to Avengers Alliance, despite it being a silly Facebook game; I will die of joy the moment the Avengers film actually comes out, if my reaction to seeing the preview in theaters in any indication; Children's Crusade brought so many tears I will never recover; Zach and I are only halfway through the fourth season of Buffy and need to finish it soon; and I still need to finish editing-- and writing the first draft of-- that Epic Fic Annie and I are working on.

I guess that's all for now. Hello again, LJ.

Apparently Marvel now owns my soul. Oops.

While everyone around me is excited for the seventh Harry Potter movie, I'm looking forward to Captain America. That's not to say that I'm not looking forward to Deathly Hallows pt. 2, or that I don't absolutely love Harry Potter-- it's just that I've never had an emotional connection to the movies, and, for me, the seventh book was the real culminating moment of "wow, it's really over" that everybody else is having now. And over the last month or so I apparently sold my soul to Marvel accidentally, so all I can think about is how pathetically excited I am for the Cap movie and how much I want the Avengers movie to be amazing.

Well, not ALL I can think about, because that would imply that I'm not also obsessed with X-Men: First Class, or the Young Avengers, or X-Factor. Which I am. Oh so much. I seriously have read every comic with them I can get my hands on, and my moral code insists that I buy everything I read (unless I literally cannot find it no matter how much I search), so I'm going to be completely broke soon. ;_;

But, to be honest, if what I'm reading continues to be as awesome as it's been, it might just be worth it.

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Talking to homophobic relatives who don't know I'm bisexual about out actors and marriage equality in New York has left me feeling faintly disgusted and dissatisfied. Sometimes I feel like I should spend more time with my family when given the opportunity. This is not one of those times.

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Young Avengers, how I adore thee~♥

I would try and have something more constructive to say other that FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF~ AWESOME COMICCCC, but unfortunately that's really all I got right now.

So, I'll just add that I'm also rewatching X-Men: Evolution (ahh, my childhood). And still fangirling over the X-Men: First Class movie.

I'm really getting my Marvel geek on this week. Seriously.
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X-Men: First Class ♥

Saw the new X-Men movie today, and it was absolutely fantastic. :D As Charles and Erik have always been my favorite characters, a movie centered around them that could easily have been renamed "Xavier/Magneto: A Ship Manifesto" (to my goggle-clad eyes, anyway :P)-- that also had great parts for Mystique, Beast, and numerous other awesome characters--, is exactly what this franchise needed. I hope they make some more awesome X-Men movies (though I'm not sure where they'd go from here- more prequels would be greatly appreciated, though ;D).

On another note, I'm now on season three of my epic Buffy rewatch. :) Best television show ever~.

My Epic Buffy Rewatch

So, I've decided to embark on an epic rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 1-7. Well, to be accurate, I decided to do that four days ago, and I'm now currently half-way through season 2. :D I've realized because of this that I can still tell you to plot of literally every episode based on the episode title and a couple of pictures, but somehow it's still incredibly entertaining to watch.

Oh, Joss Whedon, I love you so. You created the most perfect show in all of existence (and don't anyone rain on my parade by saying otherwise :P), and I am eternally grateful. ♥ Buffy, I'll always go back to you.